Monday, September 1, 2008

Rain Rain go away....

Stefanie's Sicilian Pasta Sauce

This is the recipe just as Stephanie gave it to me, from her Nonna a little rough because it has been handed down for many generations by showing how to make it rather than writing it down, but tasty just the same.

1 Bell pepper and 1/2 a small onion-
blend until a puree in blender- add olive oil to pan about a 1/2 cup and heat- add bell pepper mixture
and some chopped onions- (we like lots of onions) with rough chopped garlic- (about 3 cloves) cook until you get the aroma- you'll know it !
I use canned tomato sauce and canned chopped tomatoes when I can't find good quality fresh ones (ugh- most of the time) I use an industrial size can as it fills my dutch oven perfectly and I have to have a large pot! I use fresh- basil and oregano-
again if I can find- If not I resort to a dried mixture- I use a lot of seasonings- lots of pepper as well.

That is my basic gravy-
When I want a thick gravy- like for macaroni- I add fresh mushrooms and Italian sausage or if in a pinch
ground beef- that is a last resort! I freeze the basic gravy and use it as needed- sometimes I grill chicken breasts and heat some
gravy and serve over ziti noodles- as you can see it's very versatile- we even use it on pizza!

blah it's been raining all day and night, so I made some spaghetti to warm up I got the recipe from my Sicilian girlfriend Stefanie

it was so yummy!
I picked almost everything even the herbs fresh from my garden, I added mushrooms.

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